“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!…”


Wow it’s been too long! I can’t believe it’s winter time and CHRISTMAS TIME! One of my favorite times of the year….

I forgot to post about Eli’s birthday, so I’ll say really quick….he had a wonderful birthday! He had a “Very Hungry Caterpillar party” that featured mostly that and several other Eric Carle books that he loves. Monkeynaround is one of his favorites places, so we partied there with friends and family, and my Eli had SO much fun! He sang “Happy Birthday” to himself along with his guests with a big smile on his face. He had a blast with little friends Kayln, Ty, Addison, and Luke of course. Great day! Here’s a pic of the cake! Hopefully I can post more birthday pictures at a later time!


Ok back to Christmas time….Lots of stuff I haven’t been updating about. New trials and struggles but taking them in stride and praying for guidance along the way. Eli is such a joy to be around. HE is such a happy little guy. He is asking so many age-appropriate questions lately. What a blessing! My sweet little Luke is just talking and saying so many new words and PHRASES! He loves his fishing game, and when he “catches” a fish, he will say, “I dot (got) one Mommy!” Can’t believe he’s old enough to be saying that.

We are enjoying Christmas music on in our kitchen 24/7, the pretty lights we see when we drive through downtown Athens each day, the stockings and the tree, and the boys are really into Santa Clause! They got their picture made with Santa at preschool…they both sat on his lap at the same time for pictures. I hear they did a great job, so I can’t wait to see the pictures! Eli ran into Santa when we were at Bridgestreet and really liked that as well. My boys love Santa!

Much more fun updates to come! Here are a couple more holiday photos!


Luke tree


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