Fun February!!

Well here’s my monthly post I guess!! The last one was a litle drab, but we’ve been having lots of fun lately!!!

I’ll start with Luke. He is HILARIOUS. He’s also a handfull…very rough, aggressive, AND strong-willed. Working on the sharing thing…it’s not going well. ha He is very passionate and excited about everything! I love it. He is also talking like crazy. This is such a blessing. He says full sentences and goes on and on. I am obsessed with his little voice. He has such conviction behind everything he says and does. He just turned 2 years old!! I’m so, so sad about this because I want him to stay little forever. But he is at such a fun stage right now, so I’m trying to just enjoy it. 😉
We had his big birthday party on Saturday and it was so much fun. It was at The Next Level in Tuscumbia…lots of inflatables, tee-ball set, basketball shooting, jumphouses, etc. The kids AND adults had fun. Ha Luke was full speed ahead. It was a sports-themed birthday with a big sportys cake and cake pops that looked like baseballs, footballs, and basketballs. I’ll post some pictures later!

My sweet ELi is doing well. We were looking at new preschools during his tonsil surgery recovery when we heard that his preschool where he’s been all year had hired a new teacher. Our therapist met her, we met her, and ELi met her before he even returned to school.Well..wait for it….drumroll….she’s AWESOME!! She’s doing things that Kindergarten teachers do, and the kids are really learning!! She uses lots of tools that are great for all kids but espcially great for kids with Autism. Eli has been writing ALL of the alphabet for a while now. So proud of him. They are working on numbers now in his class. He can write his full name pretty well too. I know he’s academically ready for school but this Mommy is glad he has another year to be my baby before big school starts!
Totally off topic, but we took him to Yo Gabba Gabba Live in Huntsville last week. He was a little curious at first but ended up jumping and singing with them. I have to admit..I loved it! It was a lot of fun! We’ll have to do that again soon.

The next few months should be busy and fun. Spring Break is coming up and I cannot wait. We are taking Eli to an Alabama basketball game on March 9th. Once April rolls around, there are lots of Autism walks going on. Plus, Christy Brackin, my dear sweet friend and running partner, is getting married!!! SHe’s getting married in July, so we’ll have lots of fun things to do for that as well.

August 3rd is the 2nd annual 5k Run for Autism held by yours truly. I have chip timing reserved and lots of things in place to make it better this year. So excited!

God has blessed us so and provided for us in ways we never dreamed. We are so unworthy but so thankful!!!


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